The Johnson Firm

The Johnson Firm was established to provide strategic accounting and consulting services to both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  We have built a philosophy that emphasizes building relationships with partner organizations to better present and package our full range of value-added services for maximum effectiveness.

Every organization - whether public or private, for- or not-for-profit - needs more from their accounting function than mere numbers.  That's the call of the Johnson Firm - we're here to give you more.


Not-for-Profit Consulting

A core objective of The Johnson Firm is to provide a series of value-added services for those organizations whose mission is to fulfill the needs of our local and global communities.  We are the premier source for non-profit accounting, payroll, tax planning, strategy alignment and implementation.

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Strategy Development & Implementation

The difference between a good business and a great business is a focused, effective strategy.  TJF specializes in planning, developing and implementing strategies that drive client organizations toward their desired outcomes.

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CPA Support

The Johnson Firm recognizes that our CPA cohorts often need ways to increase profit margins without necessarily altering their service offerings.  As a result, we seek to partner with CPA firms to outsource billable hours for tasks or projects that may not require a full-time position.

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